Industrial Facilities

    Our experienced engineers support and advise you with their well-founded and proven expert knowledge in the successful realization of your industrial facilities project. In addition, we represent your interests as a builder-owner vis-à-vis contractors on the construction site and coordinate or supervise the completion of your project according to planning, deadlines and costs.

    • Project Management
      • Date and cost monitoring
      • Preparation and management of project meetings
      • Creation of as-built documentation
    • Construction site management
      • Construction supervision (trade pipeline construction)
      • Coordination of the installation companies
      • Accompaniment of safety inspections and meetings
      • Assistance with commissioning


    The term Building Information Modelling now goes far beyond the construction industry or architecture. Also in the process engineering plant construction, the aim is to obtain a complete digital image of the plant. This digital twin should ideally be the underlying process, the installed components and their maintenance condition, as well as live data from the system, can be appropriately displayed or networked with each other.

    Based on our extensive experience in plant engineering on the one hand and the use of the latest software tools on the other hand, we offer an intelligent digitalisation of the existing plant documentation. Intelligent here means that all existing information is stored in a networked database system and suitably visualized. Technical documents can be derived from this at any time.

    • Digitization of process engineering flow diagrams (PFD, PID)
    • Component data in the form of lists & data sheets
    • Laser scan of the plant, creation of a 3D model
    • Linking of laser data and objects from the documents
    • Digitization of plans


    Successful computer-aided system planning requires above all a precise knowledge of the software tools used and a routine Conversation. In addition, CAE tools for plant construction are constantly being further developed in their range of functions by software providers who Administration and application is becoming increasingly complex.

    As we have always strived to use the most modern and reliable planning software for more than 25 years, you, as a beginner or New users of certain software benefit from this expertise.

    We support you in the setup, administration and efficient use of the following software tools:

    • AVEVA
      • PDMS bis Version 12.4
      • E3D 1.1 & 2.1
      • Diagrams 14.1
      • Engineering 14 & 15
      • Catalogue
      • IE&D-Konzept (Integrated Engineering & Design)
    • AutoDesk
      • AutoCAD
      • Plant 3D
      • Navisworks
    • ...